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The story behind optiphi's New Environmentally Friendlier Packaging

optiphi® has always considered mother-earth when selecting our active ingredients and creating product formulations. Even though we will never compromise on product quality and efficacy, we have always selected the most sustainably sourced active ingredients to help cut down on our carbon footprint.

Over the last 3 years, we have embarked on a long-term project to help even further reduce our ecological footprint by converting to more environmentally friendlier packaging.

This has been a challenging endeavor as our many of our products require airless and lightless packaging, to protect the highly active formulation from degrading or becoming unstable, and we wanted to keep our premium aesthetic.

After many packaging attempts and testing behind the scenes we are excited to start incorporating the following environmentally friendlier and more sustainable packaging changes.

  1. Bio-Copolymer for our Airless & Lightless packaging
  2. Bioplastics - sugarcane derived plastic for the product tubes
  3. Post-Consumer Resin for the opaque and darker product bottles


Bio-Copolymer is a plastic derived from bio-mass (plant material) with the Cradle to Cradle initiative. This is a concept where the design and production of the product and packaging is created in such a way that at the end of the life cycle it can be fully recycled (upcycled) giving it new life, rather than throwing it away and creating a further negative environmental impact (Cradle to Grave).

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