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Optiphi®'s innovative Retinol Technology

As optiphi® strives to remain at the forefront of skincare technology, we are proud to announce a revolutionary active ingredient innovation driven by our research and development team.
optiphi® 's Time Controlled Diffusion Technology was designed to improve and prolong the quality of carefully selected active ingredients within the optiphi® skincare formulations.
The retinol is protected within a highly cross-linked polymeric sphere with a continuous porous network. This innovative protective sphere safeguards the retinol within the product which is then further protected by optiphi®’s airless and lightless packaging.
The porous network of the sphere allows the retinol to be continuously delivered directly onto the skin where it is then transported to the deeper dermis layer by means of diffusion, targeting the skin structures responsible for the visible signs of aging.
The Time-Controlled Diffusion Retinol has proven the following benefits:
A controlled slow release of retinol allows the skin to absorb the retinol slowly and so reduces the irritation often associated with introducing retinol to the skin.
Once the retinol has been delivered to the skin, the porous spheres remain on the skin, providing an additional barrier, so there is no concern for transdermal delivery as the protective sphere remains on the skin.
Retinol is renowned to be a difficult active to formulate with; however with optiphi® ’s unique Time-Controlled Diffusion Technology, the retinol is protected and will remain active within the airless and lightless packaging, ensuring that your last pump is as good as the first.Clinical tests have indicated that the retinol has produced a significant reduction in skin:
  • irritation;
  • fine lines;
  • skin roughness and
  • hyperpigmentation.
The Time Controlled Diffusion Retinol will be included in all the optiphi® retinol-containing products. The lighter colour of the product is an effect of the new protected retinol. By the virtue of the sustained release of actives, this technology assures to deliver greater results than you have already come to expect from the optiphi® skincare ranges.

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